Chicago Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are not only stylish, they are also a durable way to build counters that will last for many years. These countertops are frequently used in new homes and remodeling projects, and they are one of the most popular materials that people will choose when they are designing a new kitchen or planning a kitchen remodel.



Advantages of Quartz Countertops

Some people wonder if Quartz countertops are the right solution for their needs, mainly because they are worried about the cost of installing Quartz in their home. Should you really spend the extra money that will be required for Quartz instead of another type of countertop? Even though Quartz is a little more expensive than other types of countertop materials, it is worth the extra cost because of the advantages that can be gained from Quartz.

One of the main advantages to Quartz countertops is that they are very beautiful, and add a design element that can't be gained through cheaper materials. Quartz is luxurious, and it is the perfect way to add style to your home. You can choose from various Quartz colors, in order to find the right stone to match the colors and decor in your home. In addition to the beauty of the Quartz, you will also love the durability that it offers. Quartz is solid and extremely durable, which means that it is a great long-term solution for your countertops.

Quartz is very easy to clean, and you can use a mild detergent to wipe the surfaces. It is a sanitary surface, because the hard stone isn't a good location for microbial activity. Additionally, the stone is formed by pressure and heat, which means that you can set a hot pan directly on the counter surface without damaging the stone. Another advantage to Quartz countertops in Chicago is that they add value to the price of your home. Many home buyers prefer the quality of Quartz and other durable materials, and they will pay more money for a home that has these finishes.

Where Can Quartz Countertops Be Installed?

When it comes to Quartz countertop installation, the possibilities are endless. A popular place for Quartz countertop installation is in the kitchen, and many people also like the look of Quartz on the bathroom counters. You can even have Quartz installed in the showers, or in utility areas such as a laundry room or craft room. Once you see the beauty and durability of Quartz countertops in Chicago, you will want to have them installed in every room in the house! Unique ways that Quartz can be used include on mantels and fireplaces, and Quartz adds a beautiful touch to built-in shelving or entertainment areas.

Quartz Maintenance

After you have a Chicago supplier install Quartz countertops in your home or office, it is important to make sure that you maintain the countertops to preserve their durability. If the stone isn't properly maintained, then the surfaces might experience problems. For example, the shine might wear and the surface can become porous which traps germs, odors, and stains in the stone. These problems can be easily avoided with the right maintenance though, and you can hire a professional in the Chicago area who offers Quartz countertop care. The countertops can be cleaned and sealed, to protect the stone and preserve it for many years. We are available to help you choose the perfect design and materials for your individual situation, and we offer full-service installation. Our trained Quartz and marble top staff has the experience that you need to install high quality countertops in your home or office.

Installing Quartz Countertops in Your Chicago Home or Office

If you are ready to install Quartz countertops in your Chicago home or office, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about the options that are available. These countertops last forever if they are properly maintained, and you will love the beautiful style that Quartz adds to your home. Our focus is customer satisfaction, and we will help you choose the perfect Quartz color and design for your individual needs. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of having Quartz countertops in your Chicago home: 773-267-2934

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